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Fixing PDF Printing Issues: Explanations to these common errors:
“unable to get report printer settings” “low system resource” “distiller not installed” “unable to get length of PCRE Printer Value” “Error obtaining port/driver for printer PCRE Printer” and “Error: impGetPrinterInfoWin: Unable to open printer PCRE Printer”

Download PDF version of this faq: PDF_Printing_Issues.pdf
FAQ# 24-05200102

PDF Issue No 1: Unable to get report printer settings

Details: There is a “Default Properties” check box in the print setup dialogue box in Crystal Designer. When this checkbox is checked it is telling Parallel Crystal to use the default printer on the report server. The default printer may or may not be the PCREPrinter. Regardless this error will be thrown in the Parallel Crystal server log as well as the NT event viewer log for each PDF report that is generated. This is true for reports that are being output to PDF. This box being checked should not adversely affect any other output formats.

Solution: In Parallel Crystal v2.4 or earlier it is necessary to manually install the PCRE printer. (See page 13 of the installation guide) Verify that this printer is installed properly. Parallel Crystal v2.5 or later performs the PCREPrinter installation automatically.

It is also important that the "Default Properties" and "No Printer" check boxes in the print setup dialogue box in the Crystal Designer are UNCHECKED. Verify that the PCREPrinter is chosen in this dialogue next to “Name:” as well.

PDF Issue No 2: Error text: Low system resources

Details: When reading our log files it is important to interpret our error messages in the context of the last 5 to 25 messages in the report server log file for the same numbered job. If the report server is not adjacent to the location of your development team, then the report server log should be written to a shared, read-only directory and the developers given access to it. Alternately, provide high-speed remote access to the report server machine. Ideally all Parallel Crystal developers should have convenient access to the report server log files to be successful.

04/20/01 12:06:35 987786392 PCRE Server 2.4.0 (987786392) started
04/20/01 12:06:35 987786392 Event: Client binds to: PCREAPIServer: 987786392
04/20/01 12:06:35 987786392 SetServerOption Option: "throw_exceps", Value: "true"
04/20/01 12:06:35 987786392 StartAPIService Name: "987786392"
04/20/01 12:06:35 987786392 OpenEngine
04/20/01 12:06:35 987786392 OpenPrintJob File: "c:\myfile\desktop\pcrtest\myreport.rpt"
04/20/01 12:06:37 987786392 OutputToPDF Job: 1, pdfFilePath: c:\ myfile \desktop\pcrtest\ myreport.pdf
04/20/01 12:06:37 987786392 StartPrintJob Job: 1, Wait: 1
04/20/01 12:06:38 987786392 Unable to get report printer settings
04/20/01 12:06:39 987786392 PCRE PDF : Begin EMF conversion
04/20/01 12:06:39 987786392 CREAPI Error: returned for job: 1
04/20/01 12:06:39 987786392 Error text: Low system resources..
04/20/01 12:06:39 987786392 CloseEngine
04/20/01 12:06:40 987786392 EndService Name: "987786392"
04/20/01 12:06:40 987786392 NotifyServer Event: 1
04/20/01 12:06:40 987786392 PCRE Server 2.4.0 (987786392) stopped

The "Low system resources" message is only a consequence of some other error such as an incorrectly configured driver for printers or databases. In the example above, the lines including "OutputToPDF" and "Unable to get report printer settings" are key to solving this problem.

Solution: If the "Low system resources" error is accompanied by the “Unable to get report printer settings” error then see PDF Issue No 1 Solution mentioned above.

If the "Low system resources" error is not accompanied by another error verify that the output directory actually exists. Parallel Crystal requires that the output directory be created manually prior to running your application.

Lastly, verify that you are properly connected to your data source by running your report in the Crystal Designer print preview. Also, from the designer verify that you can export to HTML as well. Sometimes running a report in these other output formats uncovers good clues to fixing possible errors in configuration or design.

PDF Issue No. 3: PCREAPIError: PEExport: Distiller not installed

Details: Parallel Crystal has two methods for generating PDF report documents, OutputToPDF and ExportToPDF. Our recommended method, OutputToPDF uses a Dynalivery proprietary, thread-safe library that converts Enhanced Metafile (EMF) records to PDF.

ExportToPDF is a deprecated method for generating PDF. If you choose to use it, then you must separately obtain a license for Adobe Acrobat Distiller and deploy it on the Parallel Crystal Report Server.

Also note that Dynalivery's Saffron PDF Server is an additional option for generating PDF (and other formats) from Parallel Crystal. Saffron is written in Java.

Solution: Use the OutputToPDF method. See page 37, 211 and 228 of the developer’s manual.

Always install and use Parallel Crystal with an NT user account that has administrative privileges, this is true for installation purposes and for when you run Parallel Crystal as an NT service.

The LOCAL/SYSTEM account does not have access to the printer subsystem, which we exploit in our PDF Library. We recognize that many customers have administrative policies for running NT services under LOCAL/SYSTEM accounts. Thank you in advance for making this exception for Parallel Crystal and educating your colleagues about it.


Error 2 is a generic error message indicating, "The system cannot find the file specified." This usually means that the PCRE printer does not exist. Remember that printers are defined by user in WinNT, so if the report server has been rebooted and a user has logged in under a different user ID that would cause this type of error.

Recall, from the Parallel Crystal Installation Guide, that Parallel Crystal must use a user account that has full administrator privileges in order to use the printer subsystem.

(See page 5 of the install guide for more info)

PDF Issue No 5: PCREAPIError: 'impGetPrinterInfoWin: Error obtaining port/driver for printer PCRE Printer'

Error: impGetPrinterInfoWin: Unable to open printer PCRE Printer
Exception from impGetPrinterInfoWin()
Error in File e:\...YOUR.rpt: No print destination specified. Please first call PEOutputToWindow or PEOutputToPrinter!

These errors indicate that Parallel Crystal no longer has access to the PCRE printer. Please do the following:
1) Verify the PCRE Printer is installed (pg 14 of PCRE v2.4 install guide)
2) Verify that the server has not been rebooted and logged in under a user or system account.
3) Verify that PCRE is operating under a user account that has administrator privileges.
4) Verify the settings in the Printer SetUp dialog box. See the diagram in point one above for the correct settings

Just to be safe, consider deleting the existing PCRE Printer and install it from scratch. However running under a user account with administrator privileges is an absolute must.


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